Louisville Defense

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What in the world was up with the Louisville Defense?

42 points.....at home? Against Middle Tennessee State?

I'm sorry, but if that D doesn't shape up, there is no way they are running the table. West Virginia, Rutgers and South Florida will hang at least 50 on them and God knows what an offense like USC's or Hawaii would put on them.

Can Louisville be considered a national title contender?
You can only play the schedule you're given, I guess.

I think USC's offense is capable of scoring on just about anybody.

I agree with you 100% about running the table. The lackluster play of the Cards defense last night was sickening to watch for a die hard Cards fan like myself. The "Big Red Machine" will have to get it together and start holding teams to a 14 point maximum during home games for the rest of the season if they are seriously going to be considered to take the National Championship or a BCS game for that matter.

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