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Using workout gloves while in the gym is important so that you hands stay protected. Harbinger is well-known for their gloves. They have many different types of gloves to always make sure your needs are met. Harbinger Flexfit Gloves are one of their most popular gloves. These gloves have a palm-grip feature which morphs to the details of your palms and thumbs. These gloves have a curved finger design which is enhanced to fit your hands natural shape, enabling you to do all that your hand is capable of doing without limits holding you back, or the worry of unwanted blisters. These Flexfit gloves have shorter fingers enabling you to have a stronger hold on the bar while protecting your palms and fingers at the same time. These gloves with the best cushioning cut out for heavy-duty work, without the bulk of fat cushions that never seem to do the job that you want them to do. All of the Flexfit gloves come with the anti-microbial mesh which will kill bacteria that causes odors. With this feature you will no longer have that un-wanted odor. The wrist fixture is adujustable with two straps. This will provide you with the best personalized fit for you and providing you with the most comfortable gloves. This glove has a nice look to it also. It is a sleek leather black. This glove can be made for both men and women and comes in all sizes, providing you with the perfect fit. The Flexfit classic features a new Tri-Flex Palm technology which is designed to mimic the natural motions of your hand. Inside this glove are three layers of support to give a close and comfortable fit.


Harbinger Wrist Wrap gloves are another popular Harbinger Glove.

The Wrist Wrap is designed to give the wearer' the control and customize the fit. the straps also provide extra stability and support forweightlifters. These gloves include a close contact design reducing the thickness of the gloves but still giving the needed protection and support for your hands. Inside the palms of the Harbinger Wrist Wrap gloves is a lightweight foam padding that is inclosed with two layers of leather. This will increase comfortably as well as prolong the wear and making these gloves extra durable. This leather is machine washable and can also be dried, without damaging them. These gloves are durable and will hold there shape wash after wash. This glove also has the half finger length. This is so that the wearer has a better hold to the bar while also protecting their hands. These gloves are also sleek leather black and are made for both men and women in all sizes to help you get the best fit for you. The Training Grip wrist wrap design has a No sweat glove lining which will keep your hands dry of sweat during your workout. The Pro Wrist Wrap has hard wearing panels that go across the back of the hand and in between each of your fingers, providing that much more comfort and flexibiltiy.


Harbinger Wrist Wrap Gloves give you everything needed when looking for the perfect gloves for your workout. These gloves are great for weightlifing because of all the added features. These gloves will not dissapoint for their long lifetime.

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