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What is the recommended level for endgame for Final Fantasy IX?

Please tell me what the recommended level is to fight Necron besides 99. I have not gotten to Memoria, I'm just power leveling before it at this point with Grand Dragons.

Zidane - Lvl 67: Ultima Weapon
Dragon Wrist
Demon's Vest
Protect Ring

Steiner - Lvl 56: Ragnarok
Platinum Helm
Defense Gloves
Protect Ring

Freya - Lvl 62: Dragon's Hair
Platinum Helm
Defense Gloves
Genji Armor
Rosetta Ring

Dagger - Lvl 60: Whale Whisker
Dragon Wrist
Robe of Lords
Pumice Piece

It's been a long time since I played the game as far as the end so I can't really remember the optimum levels. I remember that my characters were pretty advanced though and I think I'd got at least Zidane up to level 99. When it came to the actual battle, my heavy hitters were all wiped out and I finished the battle (very slowly and painstakingly) with my unkillable white mage duo. I'm not sure of the reason why they were surviving better than the other characters but I think it might have been a combination of autolife and autofloat, as well as being buffed to the gills.

I think that my battle might have been difficult due to not being very well-equipped - I had the best weapons but not the best armour available - but your levels still seem too low. You can try going for it but I think it would be easier if you did a bit more levelling first.

If you want some more concrete information I would suggest going to and seeing what the walkthroughs and boss guides suggest.

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