Defense Baseball

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Which do you think is the hardest sport to play and why? Hockey, Football, Basketball, Baseball, or Soccer?

In comparing sports, it is important to recognize the similarities of each.

All sports have different positions and require some mastery of said position. One cannot compare the similarities of a quarterback to a center.

All sports require mastery of movement, moving up and down, side to side, stop and go. Learning to skate is slightly more complicated because it is not how we grow up. Learning to run relatively easy. Running is not all there is. There is pace, lateral, clearing obstacles, etc. Skating is as much of the fundamental as running / sprinting. So that is similar.

Limb Eye coordination. The sports require clearly seeing the object and having the ability to coordinate body movement to timing of the moving object. This can be defined as the ball, or in relation to oh say a Scott Steven's type hit coming.

On field awareness defines the ability to recognize scenarios in the playing area.

Flow of the game. How fast does the game progress.

Complexity of scoring. How big is the opportunity to score in relation to the playing area in relation to the defense?

Baseball is an anomaly. It is a team sport that is a game of individual performance. Failure for an individual can result in failure of the team. Seems strange to me that it is a team sport but played as individuals. I guess its highly specialized positional play.

Football is too much specialized talent at a specific spot. Heck, even changing the scheme from a 3-4 to 4-3 requires a lot of relearning of the position. A QB and WR have completely different jobs. I would not categorize American football in this group.

That essentially leaves soccer, basketball and hockey as the most similar sports. Each sport primarily uses a limb to manage the object. One could argue a hockey stick is just an extension of the arm. Skating is as much as footwork in soccer and basketball. Using the body both as as an offensive and defensive tool. Everyone plays offense and defense.

Scoring wise, basketball is the easiest to score. Just looking at the number of buckets made versus the number of blocked shots tells the story. Soccer, while for the most part is very challenging. Spin on the soccer ball can change the angle immensely. Just getting a scoring chance is incredibly hard. Hockey has more scoring chances, but least amount of goals scored. Not only is the scoring area smaller, but the defense takes an active part in defending against goals.

Flow of the game is a huge factor in complexity. Basketball and soccer have short bursts of fast followed by lots of slow, standing or walking around. Hockey, for the most part is all played at a consistent pace. Everyone plays as fast as the rest of the people on the surface. In basketball and soccer there is a lot of casual movement or standing around without having to work at it. Hockey, while more efficient movement, has to move relative speed for all players. Substitutions are on the fly.

Basketball is checkers. Soccer is chess. Hockey is 3D battle chess.

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