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Who can I report an unconcerned landlord to?

We live across from a rental where the tenants trespass through our yards on ATV's and dirt bikes, they argue and physically fight in the front yard, use terrible language while outside, play loud hard rock music that makes our windows shake etc... police have received numerous complaints, the landlords have been contacted by all sorts of neighbors, yet they have replied that when they ask the tenants about the disruptions, they tell them that everything is fine and there are no problems, everyone is making it up. Therefore, it goes unattended to and the problems continue. We live in a very small town where even Barney Fife would be considered major law enforcement. I truly believe most of the local police are in fact scared of the tenants due to their anger and possible past imprisonment. Where can we turn to get these unruly, disrespectful tenants out of our neighborhood?

invite your local youth baseball team to practice in your front yard. batting in the direction of the renters house. accidents happen and the owner of the house SHOULD have insurance.
wait until about an hour or so after all the lights are out and have all the neighbors rally around the renters house and yell into their megaphones. repeat every 2 hours for a couple of weeks. (must be done in shifts so you don't get too tired)
ask all the neighbors to throw trash (nothing with your name or address on it) in their yard while passing that house. then call police for the trash in their yard (maybe call the county inspector)
if the police have been called before then they should have a report on it (or at least the person who initially called the police should have received one) if not, keep calling and insist on getting a copy of the police reports. the landlord cannot accept 'everyone is making it up' with documented proof.
the landlord only wants his money. anything above and beyond that he's not going to be concerned with. make it difficult for the landlord to have those particular renters. if the landlord is spending all his time, money and energy dealing with the renters he will soon get rid of them. make the landlord loose money because that is what he cannot afford.
give me a few minutes to actually THINK about it and i can come up with some more.

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