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Part 1: Mojo Motors Responsive (Re)Design With Adobe Fireworks: UX And Interaction Design Stage (SmashingMagazine)

Thanks to strong mobile Web adoption worldwide, we have seen the launch of
even more responsive designs in 2012 and 2013. Most of these have been in the
publishing category, but lately we are starting to see complex transactional
websites, such as Currys UK, take a brave step into this new world.

For very well thought out reasons, Mojo Motors (a startup created in 2010 to
provide shoppers with a better way to buy used cars) also just launched the
first responsive website in the automotive market space.

When I joined Mojo Motors in May 2012 as head of UX, it had only a desktop
website -- but 21% of its total Web traffic was already coming from mobile
devices. Of that number, 64% were from iOS devices and 34% from Android
devices. It was quite clear to me that we had to think carefully about our
mobile strategy when redesigning the new website. After carefully assessing
the situation, we ended up adopting the responsive design approach, for the
following reasons:

* We were planning to redesign the entire website from scratch.

* Our content lends itself well to this approach, ...


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