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Is a MAC G4 (with monitor) purchased in 1998 that has never been used and loaded with programs worth $150?

what OS would it likely have?
the person said he either got it in 98 or 99, so it must be the first one released. He never used it cause he was bought a new one when he graduated soon after.
I don't need anything really nice or fancy, I just wanted to fiddle with it so I can learn the MAC and teach myself photoshop etc. (I'm iterested in design). The only thing that worries me is that it will have the same OS as those colored Imacs from the late 90's (remember those?) I remember the OS was really confusing (coming from a PC person) and I know now the newer OS seem a bit easier to navigate.

There were six different versions of the G4 that came out in 1999. It's probably a "Sawtooth."
Processors ran from 350 to 500.

I think the OS was 9. and it might have as big as a 40 Gig HD.

There are processor, HD, graphics and RAM upgrades available from OtherWorldComputing. (

You could upgrade it's OS to Panther or probably Tiger, but NOT Leopard - and you'll definitely need to upgrade the OS to run any contemporary software.

I actually have, and am using right now, a 2000 vintage G4.

I've upgraded the HD (now running two 120 internals), the RAM (currently at 1 gig), the processor (to 1 gig), and, recently, the graphics card ... so that I could connect my brand new 20 inch Apple Display to it.

Go for it!

It's still the best computer I've ever owned and has been running beautifully for almost eight years.

$150 is a very good price ... IF it works!

OH, and by the way, that system cost easily $2000 when it was new.

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