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Many people make the mistake of thinking gloves used for training are the same as gloves used for competition. This simply isn't true. The gloves used for training are often heavier in order to build arm strength. Competition gloves are usually lighter making a better impact.

When choosing gloves, you might want to consider getting two pairs if you plan to enter competitions. Many competitions limit the weight of gloves which can be used by participants. They do this to protect the boxers from unnecessary injuries and to keep the competition more even.

Heavy weight pairs of gloves, such as 20 oz. gloves, are better for training. You will get used to the heavier weight and when you enter a competition and use lighter weight gloves, you will notice your punches seem stronger. This is because you are used to throwing punches with heavier weight on your hands.

When choosing a pair of Boxing Gloves for competition, be sure to examine the rules and regulations first. You don't want to show up to a boxing competition only to find out you are not permitted to participate because you do not have the right gloves. Different competitions have different rules so you may need to purchase more than one pair of gloves to compete in different competitions.

The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing gloves is proper fit. You want the gloves to fit snuggly and not be too loose or too tight. Your health and safety as well as the safety of other boxers depends on each of you having the proper equipment.

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