Typhoon Iii

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Is the Russian Typhoon-III class submarine the Red October real?

@Iceman you are wrong. A MHD drive has been used on naval vessels
Example: ISS Arukimo (Scrapped now).
It was the main science research vessel for the Japanese Navy.

No, the Red October is not real. It used a propulsion system (a magnetohydrodynamic "caterpillar" drive) that, though it's possible in real life, has never been used or attempted on naval vessels.

The Typhoon class (The Russian name for the class is Akula), however, is. Since there is no real need for these submarines anymore, and keeping them draws away a ton of money that the Russian government doesn't have. They currently have 1 Typhoon boomer active and 2 in reserve. The other 3 that were built have been scrapped.

EDIT: Can you provide me with the link that says that it was used on the "ISS Arukimo"? As far as I know, the prefix for a Japanese naval vessel is JDS as Japan doesn't have a Navy, only the JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self Defense Force).

There were two documented prototypes, one being the Yamato 1 which could travel at a max speed of 8 knots. A maximum speed of 8 knots isn't something you'd want for a full-sized research ship.

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