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If you have a large dog, or a pup that is likely to grow into a large dog, you will need to take a look at buying one of the large dog beds obtainable today. There is a vast range, so there are things you need to consider when buying the bed.

The importance of large dog beds

It is crucial to note here an additional benefit of buying large dog beds, which is that it enables you to assert your position as top dog in the hierarchy. A dog that has its own bed has its own territory that it feels secure in, so it has less need to assert control over other territories. Also, by giving your pet its own bed you are undoubtedly marking out your own territory. The sitting room sofa is not a suitable place for your dog, for hygiene purposes or for the sake of your dog understanding its limits.

In particular, if your dog is big, you don't what him or her thinking that they rule the roost, which can lead to problems and aggression against weaker members of the household, potentially, children.

So, now the importance of buying large dog beds has been underlined, how do you choose the right one?


First and foremost, of course, you must consider the size of bed needed. You can expect a good quality brand of large dog beds to last for a long time, so you if you are buying it for a younger dog, you will want to consider the predicted adult size of the dog. That way, you can also save money on having to "size up".

However, if you have a pup, or a dog of a nervous personality, beware buying a dog bed which is too large as the dog will not settle in it.


Large dogs can be tough on their beds.

You need to make sure the materials and composition of the beds are strong enough, so they will not break or sag and so they cannot easily be chewed.

Sleeping position

There are large dog beds offered in many different shapes now. As well as the traditional beanbag style or rectangular cushion and there are round ones. These are all more suitable for dogs that like to stretch out. What's more there are donut shaped ones for the dog that likes to curl up or even ones shaped like sofas, for dogs that enjoy resting with their head up or even those who would otherwise take over the family furniture.

What the proper shape of large dog beds is for your pet will depend largely on the position in which your dog likes to sleep or rest. So, watch the dog over a few days to see the position he or she gets into during rest periods and assess what shape of bed will be most suitable.

Also, there are some things to consider regardless of the size of dog bed needed:


A dog tracks in dirt and from time to time pests. Therefore, a dog bed must be able to be cleaned. That can be complicated with large dog beds where it isn't possible to throw the whole thing into the washing machine. Therefore, at the very least, you need removable, washable covers, but also look out for large dog beds, which can be taken apart and fitted back together again easily for washing.

Antibacterial, antifungal, pest repellent and water resistant covers are always a good plan. Auto Traffic Avalanche

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