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The game of softball has gained considerable popularity among the sports loving fraternity and so has the demand for softball equipments grown by leaps and bounds. The various components of softball equipments include the ball itself, the bat, the jersey, shoes and the protective gear that is very important for the catchers.

Although the size of the ball varies according to the codes of the play, the permitted circumference for the international rule of play are 12 inches and 11 inches. The ball is often enclosed in a layer of white leather, roughly in two pieces. The material of the core of the ball is made of strong fibers which is the mixture of cork and rubber. The recent invention of the yellow, optic ball is one of the most game-changing achievements in the history of softball.
Gloves and mitts are very important components for the players on field who participate in catching the ball. The mitts are differentiated from the gloves on the basis of the fact that mitts have got extra-padding with no finger. The bat used is generally made up of hardwood, metal or any other material that that is permitted under the rules of this game.

Another most valuable equipment of soccer is the soccer net. While there are many suppliers of soccer goals and nets in the markets, there are certain tips which can help you get the most appropriate soccer nets. Before going to buy soccer nets, check the thickness and mess size of the net and also the weight of the goal as clues to quality.
Soccer nets are usually made from polythene which is basically a nylon-cord type material. It comes in different sizes, cord thickness and mess sizes.

The cost of a net is determined by its size and the thickness of the cord which is used in its making.

If the goal will be used by a player aged 12 or older, you must go for a net with a 3 mm or thicker cord or else a 2 mm cord can break easily. In case you buy a large net which is not fitting in the goal post, you can double up a net.

Usually many suppliers only sell nets in pairs. So if you want to have just one net, you must go for online shopping as there a number of online stores which supply single nets. There is also the option of buying a soccer net fastener which is cheap, durable and easy.

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