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Paid less the cost of stones and metal, how many are paying for the artist name of this product There is such a thing as - handmade, exclusive. This costume jewelry can be at a fabulous price.

Jewellery can imitate jewelry. These two sectors are very often intertwined, borrowing details and nuances. But in the jewelry found things radically unlike the jewelry. Such as: necklaces, fur, wood, etc.

And there are things made of metal is very similar to jewelry in white gold, inlaid with rhinestones, which are difficult to distinguish from real diamonds.

There is also a thing as seasonal products. Most often, jewelry demand for the holidays, at this moment is the peak sales. At other times, demand for jewelry is significantly reduced. But here too different jewelry manufacturers are not standing still, they offer the attention of women have different hair accessories, belts, handbags. For spring and summer periods developed lighter jewelry, and for the winter-autumn season, the opposite collar.

Now in vogue frame bracelets covered with leather, imitation leather or cloth. The rings are usually a few pieces on the one hand, they also differ in their massiveness. In the fashion products chased aged metal. Very fashion able large crystals or massive beads quite diverse and sometimes screaming colors. Welcome combination of white and gold, black and gold. The main trend - a combination of incongruous things: water decoration coexist fur, stone and metal.

The main thing to always remember: the simpler your outfit, the more jewelry should be.

The main thing - do not overdo it.

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