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Recognition: The Spotted bat is probably one of the rarer bats in the US but it does have some distinctions that make it different from other bats. It has extremely large ears which are pinkish in color and three white spots on its back. One at the base of each ear and one on the rump. The body is approximately 4 ¼ to 4 ½ inches long with a wingspan of around 14 inches. This bat weights in at 7/10ths of an ounce. This bats echolocation calls can be heard by the unaided human ear.

Range: The Euderma Maculatum lives from British Columbia to Durango, Mexico. Another Western United States bat with some rare appearances in Wyoming and Montana. Interestingly enough the first Spotted bat to be discovered in Montana was found as it flew into an open window in Billings MT in a private residence. This bat is mostly found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado and Southern Utah.

Habitat: The Spotted bat lives in a variety of areas, including desert scrub, coniferous forests, low deserts, basins, juniper woodlands, limber pine or Douglas Fir. It is believed that they will range from sea level up to around 7500 feet although nothing has been confirmed on these bats. They will roost in rock faced cliffs and very remote areas of the country. It can crawl quite easily on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Food Habits: As like most bats in the United States it is insectivorous and primarily eats moths and beetles. It would appear as with most bats, they do not compete with each other over food or territory. They will forage between 15 to 45 feet above the ground or over water. One of the few bats who's echolocation abilities are in the lower range and therefore we are able to hear them as clicks.

Problems; Nothing much has affected these bats as far as danger to them until recently.

Because of their remote locations they are not affected by man except in some small areas and this is because more people are doing rock climbing. As far as is known this is still fairly rare and ONLY in a few areas.

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