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sig pro design flaw? should i get a sig pro?

should i buy the sig pro? design flaw?
Question Details: i heard if you push in the little stub thing for the slide release on the sig pro, the slide won't operate, and that sometimes it does push in unintentionally. is the sig pro worth buying? this little flaw makes me uncomfortable to use it as a carry weapon, in case that little stub "unintentionally" gets pushed in from the holster or something. any other sig pro owners run into this problem?

I've had my Sig Pro 2340 for a few years now. No problems. I think the "little stub" thing you are referring to is the slide release lever button on the weapon's right side.

I just got mine out, pressed it in, and still functions without a problem. One round, one slide cycle and its back in place.

It is a very well balanced gun that I enjoy shooting.

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