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As the paper packaging industry output to rise further and developing countries continued installations put into use in 2003 than in 2002, the world's paper industry has obviously improved, packaging, paper consumption increased significantly.

 With the rapid growth in demand, the World of paper and paperboard capacity utilization has improved significantly in 2003 than in the World of paper and paperboard production in 2002 11 million tons, China's manufacturers continue to increase investment, will drive world economic growth.

 In recent years, from a country perspective, with the packaging and printing technology, the rapid development of the U.S. Packaging Paper shows good momentum of sustained growth, advanced technology is more widely used, further gains in productivity, turnover has also continued to increase, in particular, is a folding cartons, flexible packaging and label printing apparent growth rate than any other processing sector.

 U.S. companies have developed a solar energy can be converted to heat the paper, played the role of solar collectors, with the paper packaging of food, placed in sunlight where the food package will be heated only by open packing , heat will disperse.

 South Korea in recent years the rapid development of packaging paper, paper production is growing, according to South Korea Paper Industry Association data show: South Korea in 2002 the domestic consumption of packaging paper, 7.348 million tons, an increase of four compared with 2001. 2%; export volume of 2.378 million tons, accounting for 25% of total production; in 2003 the packaging paper production in South Korea more than 10 million tons, the highest ever recorded.

 In Russia, lighter weight, strength and better packaging of paper has been widely used.

In 2002, the Russian leather wrapping paper consumption was 31.6 million tons, is expected to in 2007, its consumption will be 3.9 million tons, in 2002 an increase of nearly 30%. The reason why growth of kraft wrapping paper, partly because of the increasing demand for a large number of high-quality building materials to drive the consumption of high-quality leather wrapping paper; the other hand, is due to the continuous improvement of product quality, promoting exports of Russian leather wrapping the increase in .

 In October 2003, the Vietnamese developed to enhance production of packaging paper investment plan, budget investment of 4.339 billion U.S. dollars, the plan carried out a variety of paper material production of a clear planning.

 From the paper look at the world's packaging board packaging board market demand will grow at a rate of 2.8% per year, is expected to market demand in 2010 will reach 125 million tons, the production was relatively concentrated trend. World demand for packaging boards the fastest-growing areas in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

 At present, the packaging board production of the most concentrated region Oceania, followed by Africa and Japan. In the next few years, focus on packaging board production trend will continue to develop in the global packaging board production in the North America accounted for 39%, Western Europe accounted for 21%, Asia accounted for 28%, 6% in Latin America, Eastern Europe 3%, the rest of for Africa and Oceania. According to the production facilities is concerned, the Nordic countries, and Oceania countries have the most modern large-scale cardboard machine, Eastern Europe, Latin America and African countries, retains a small old-fashioned equipment.

 In North America and Western Europe are expected in the future will maintain the leading position in packaging board production by 2010 production will account for 45% of the world's total output continued to be the world's industrial exporters of packaging boards.

 Cardboard boxes in recent years in Europe and the United States on the packaging market, due to the exclusion plastic packaging, paper packaging demand downward trend. According to statistics, the United States in 2002 base paper and folding carton boxes respectively, compared with demand in 2001 declined by 6.3% and 2.6%, while the current packaging industry growth rate of just 1.5% to 2% growth rate is slowing is because the reduction in the use of paper packaging materials.

 On the European market, according to a survey of food retailing: plastic bins in Britain, France and Germany were about the use of 30 million tons, 16 million tons and 4,000 million tons.

 Is expected in 2005, corrugated packaging market share, there will be 21 million tons have been replaced by plastic boxes to replace the rate is five times that of 2002. German companies on China's exports of food used in corrugated boxes made three new requirements, these requirements are: box can not be separated with waxed paper or oil-based paper; possible, glue sealing, can not use plastic tape; cartons can not have any outside metal nails, only with glue Nianlao the surface.


 Japan, a research institute the use of new technologies to soybean residue as raw material, made of a kind of heat melting the event has a certain nutritional value, can eat the wrapping paper, especially suitable for packing instant noodle seasonings to eat when eating together with the packaging.

 England developed a carrot is a carrot as the base material of paper, add the appropriate thickener, plasticizer, anti-agent, using the carrot's natural color, made of inexpensive colored vegetables, edible paper. This product can be used in individual packaging or boxed food as a convenience food directly for human consumption, will reduce pollution, but also enhance the beauty of food, increase consumer interest and appetite food.

 Bubble paper a German company developed a new technology bubble in paper production, with its production of alternative foam packaging materials. The kinds of foam paper reported that use of old books paper and flour as raw materials, recycling books first cut into pieces of newspaper, and then ground into fibrous pulp, with its 2:1 ratio of flour mixture, mixing after the pulp material into the extruder pressed into cylindrical particles. In the extrusion process, the role of raw materials affected by water vapor into a bubble shape. The kinds of paper with the foam particles, can be produced according to different needs of various shapes packaging. Paper may be a bubble shape, no chemical additives, use recycled post-processing can.

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