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Does anybody know where I can find insructions for a candy/gumwrapper coin purse?

Many people are hunting for these. There is probably more than one way to do it. One place had a person who believed that the standard belt/bracelet technique was used and then rows/rings of these were invisibly stitched/woven together with *monofilament* fishing line. Look at the upper portion of this illustration:

To me, the one on center top could be easily made that way and any of the others could be too.

With *large* wrappers, like from big potatoe chip bags, long strips could be woven diagonally, as is standard for basketry.

I just found a third method and include a URL ... scroll way down for illustration. It uses folded links of two different sizes.

That's three totally different methods which would produce similar results, although the second method couldn't produce the center-top sample.

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