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How do you stand out in high school?

I'm going to be a junior in September and I want to stand out from the people in my school. Especially with clothing. The girls dress like they're in college. When I mean is that they carry leather bags, wear a lot floral skirts, basic colors, Polo (Ralph Lauren), sometimes Marc Jacobs, sometimes Burberry, moccasins, etc. The guys wear a lot Polo, Nike sneakers, G-Shocks (both boys and girls),etc. Almost every person at my high school has a Blackberry and it's so annoying. Not that many people have an iPhone. There are a few stand-outs. A few. I was thinking I should wear combat boots, lace tights, fingerless gloves, pearls, poofy skirts, things with studs on it like shirts or boots, blazers, etc. So, I need some more advice so I could stand out this year and break the mold at school. Thanks.
all of your answers have been great. no, im not rich. i do agree with the person who said i should take it slowly.

I Am Definitely One Like You.. I Love to Stand out and Break The Barrier

What i Can say is Be Flashy!! Where bejeweled/Bedazzled clothing! Not too Distracting though but just enough that it makes your outfit pop! Walk around with the iphone (if you have one) And if someone comes up to you with the blackberry say "oh you have a last year and your outfit is so college we are in high school lighten up" I Love your ideas of what you may wear.. Wear Bright Colors though break through the basic colors

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