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Plz help me!!!?

What is the best lube to use. I have herd that waterbased are best. Anyways my B/F is rather big about 7 inches and really thick. I have only been with about 6 guys and he is the biggest I have ever seen. What is the biggest and smallest yall have seen.


Yes, water based lubes are the best to use. If you visit your local toy store (diamond adult world where i live, or barely nothings) they will have a variety of lubes and sizes that you can purchase. They have anywhere from plain, to strawberry flavored, to ones that create a nice warming sensation. If you are unsure of which one you want, they usually have little "sample" packets that you can purchase for a nominal coast. I like this because that way you get to try say... 5 different kinds.. and pick the ones that you like, rather then get one big bottle... not like it and never use it. Personally, I use a brand called Slippery Kitty (strawberry). I have also used a brand in the past called Slumber Parties. You can find them on-line at www.slumberparties.com. They have lubes, toys, and allot of other fun things too! I hope I helped a little bit.


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