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Creo Retail Marketing Company (CRM) RichardSaysell general manager, said: "Large format printing, if you want to continue to grow, they must expand their scale and in niche markets on a firm footing." The company in September last year Lauren bought a company called Group of printing and use it as an opportunity to set up an annual turnover of more than 10 million pounds of large format printing. It is understood that mentioned in the RichardSaysell two survive, the Creo Retail Marketing companies choose the former.

Saysell said: "When I first visited the Lauren Group, it looks like a large enterprise is not operating at full capacity." Creo Retail Marketing Company existing large customers?? Disney, Universal Pictures and Paramount and other film giant?? now Lauren has become the Group's retail and print management client.

The company's plant expansion not only has great potential and with a variety of advanced offset, screen printing and digital printing equipment. The company covers an area of 5,000 square meters of headquarters, running a KBA 162a press, a digital printing press IncaColumbia platform and a four-color automatic screen printing machine SveciaSAM.

In the memories of meeting with Lauren to talk to general manager of TonyGray scene when, Saysell said: "Tony and I are very loving print. He spoke very directly, I am also very willing to share his feelings about the future development of this company view. If there is no Tony's help, I may simply not do what it is today. "in the new company, Gray will serve as a very important job, until he retires.

Ink and printing Saysell has penetrated into the blood.

Go it alone to decide their own out in the past, he had to work in his father's printing too, and served as deputy commander presses.

Entrepreneurial road is always full of hardships. Saysell in 1989 by a U.S. recession seriously affected, he observe every day in the print management company office, waiting for customer phone rang. He added: "At that time the situation is very bad, little things we can do, even within a week reading a novel."

Natural acquisition 1994 , Saysell joined the East London Coutts Retail Communications, became a sales manager there. Market boom to the company was a great success, and pushed the company's Managing Director Saysell throne.

2007 , Saysell Coutts left the company after the establishment of a partnership with another company Creo Retail Marketing. He and five other directors of the company??, Including his brother MarkSaysell?? The company address the election in the south-east London, because they are very familiar with the market here. Their goal is to steadily develop our business and when the time is ripe acquisition of other companies.

Last September, when the acquisition of Creo Retail Marketing Group, when Lauren, all of its operations are carried out in an orderly manner as planned, at the same time, the company with a lot of advertising and creative companies established a good working relationship.

Lauren Group sales to Saysell good story became a myth in today's market. For the future, he is still full of confidence and hope to further expand the company's customer base Creo, and to raise public awareness of the objectives of marketing.

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