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With the ongoing recession, smaller RVs are the choice of many RV aficionados and Dutchmen seems to have mastered the art of rolling out some great and affordable RVs in these trying times.

The Denali SuperLite is said to have drawn inspiration for its design from the majestic Denali National Park, just have the other RVs in the Denali series. With a number of excellent features and unprecedented comfort, this is an RV which provides great value when it comes to looking at light weight RVs.

Presenting high quality at an affordable price seems to be turning into a regular occurrence with Dutchmen RVs, and this new version is no different. Some of the standards that are part of this model include HD LCD TVs, high end entertainment systems, designer lighting, residential furniture, large picture windows, etc.

Also, owing to its recent redesign, the SuperLite is around 400 - 800 lbs lighter than its competitive models. These can therefore be comfortably hauled by a half ton or a one ton SUV/truck. Besides, these RVs are aerodynamically designed to maximize fuel efficiency.

The SuperLite comes with 7 floor plans for the travel trailers, and 2 floor plans for the fifth wheel variants. 6 of these floor plan variants weigh lesser than 7,500 pounds. The SuperLite also comes with a six way welded Al cage superstructure, an enclosed and heated 'underbelly', and lightweight lamination on the walls and the floor. The roof of these RVs feature a 'walk on', have Al frames, and the truss styled roof comes with an EPDM rubber finishing.

While these fifth wheels and travel trailers are designed in a way that premium features can be comfortably included, their design has also managed to keep the entire unit's weight down.

One version of the SuperLite (260FBX-DS) is just less than 30 feet long, and its width is 8 feet.

Its height is slightly lesser than 11 feet and its dry weight stands at 6,133 pounds. Its fresh water capacity is 456 gallons, and it grey and black water capacity is 42 gallons each. It can comfortably sleep 5 people and is available in 4 interior color choices.

Dutchmen SuperLite RVs rate quite highly when it comes to support extended by the manufacturer and the dealer, getting a 4 out of 5 for both. While they also get 4 out of 5 for reliability, they only manage 3 out of 5 for safety. However, when it comes to overall value (price in relation to quality), they get a comfortable 4 out of 5.

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