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While BMX originally started life as an imitation of Motocross, a sport about racing and jumping, a track event with limitations, it soon evolved into something very different. While BMX racing is still very much alive and well, the style of riding many of us now associate with the sport, is that of freestyle.

The core component of freestyle is an emphasis on extreme stunts and interesting tricks. There are a number of different disciplines within freestyle, the most popular among riders being street.

Street riding involves performing intricate manoeuvres on any available obstacles from curbs and stairs to walls and any other available platforms. There is a crossover with street and park styles. Park BMXing revolves around the use of specifically built skate parks, utilising ramps and other specific structures. Many riders will use parks as training for street riding or vice versa, which also crosses over with vert (the most extreme style, using a half pipe to perform intense stunts).

The final discipline in the freestyle bracket is that of flatland. This has no crossovers with the previous styles, with most flatland riders sticking strictly to flatland. It uses a flat terrain and involves tricks based around balance and position. It is about manipulating the bike into new shapes or spinning in an extremely controlled manner.

Freestyle BMX has grown to extreme sport status over the past few years and the popularity of BMX bikes shows no signs of waning. However, in the same way that freestyle evolved, it is likely that the sport will continue to evolve and push new boundaries as to what one can achieve on BMX bikes. Learning the tricks and practicing them safely takes a massive commitment and can eat up plenty of free time.

However, the rewards are very much worth the effort.

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