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How good are Nike air conversion cleats?

I need some new cleats either nike air conversion, http://www.eastbay.com/catalog/productdetail/module--productDetail/action--view/sku--11818011/model_nbr--64114/supercat--home/id--0/mvp--/cm--Cross+Sell/ . or mizuno 9 spike lite vapor, http://www.eastbay.com/catalog/productdetail/module--unknown/action--view/cm--54413/supercat--shoes/model_nbr--47934/sku--04202/id--54413/mvp--sport/sport--all/ . Which one is better
I dont need one that looks fashionable i need one that will perform the best on the baseball field . if ido my job i wont them to do theres!

good. all nike products are good. you may not like the style of a particular sneaker because each person has his or her individual taste but overall, they are very highly ranked. ps I like the second one better.

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