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What is the best aluminum baseball bat to date?

I See every college using the same bats- STEALTH COMPOSITE AND EXO- IS there any reason?

Major Division-1 college baseball teams are mostly sponsored, therefore, if they are sponsored by Easton they will use Easton bats (Stealth Comp), if sponsored by TPX they will use TPX bats(EXO). It all depends on who they are sponsored by.

If you go lower into D-2,D-3, high school, or little league it is by choice players use these bats, most use them because both the Exo and Stealth are very, very good bats.

Other good bats are, Nike Aero Fuse, Rawlings Rush Composite, Rawlings Liquidmetal Plasma, Demarini CF3 and the Demarini Voodoo.

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