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would a total of taking 6-8 AP classes be bad?

as a sophomore i'd take AP euro
junior: AP us, AP language/comp.
senior: AP mac gov't, AP literature/comp

and I'm still not sure if i'll be taking 3 yrs of AP spanish or if i'll take just 1; it's still undecided, my teacher and i are going to discuss about it after winter break.

and you might notice that i don't have AP classes for science. that's because i'll take chem next yr as a sophomore, then physics and then anatomy and physiology (i want to be a nurse). and i don't have any AP classes for math because since my old school didn't provide algebra, I'm placed into alg. as a freshman, then i go to geometry honors, acc. alg. 2 /pre-calculus and finally i'd take trig./calculus A as a senior.

so yeah, is taking 6-8 AP classes bad?

I am a senior in 4 ap classes ( literature, government, physics, and music theory) as a junior, I took ap us history, and ap language. As a sophomore, I took ap euro. So far, I have passed all of my ap exams with a mediocre 3. But! I get to clep out of a few of my gen ed classes in college next year. And if I pass all of my exams this year, I get to start college as a sophomore!!! Woo!! So anyway, taking ap is a great idea! Especially if you pass the exams. However, I would not take more than 3 at a time. My 4 ap classes, plus my 3rd year of a foreign language, are killing me!! My gpa is struggling a little bit. Oh!! I forgot something else! If your high school/ intended college accepts weighted gpa, you could actually graduate high school with OVER a 4.0!! Because an A in an ap class counts for 5 points and an A in a regular class only counts for 4. You could also make Bs in all of your ap classes and As in all your reg classes and still have a 4.0! How cool, right?!?!?! :D I say definitely take AP!

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