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Most Oakland bankruptcy attorneys are seeing a double digit increase in their business due to the economy. It is a double edged sword for the Oakland bankruptcy attorneys, because, like any small business they hope to see that business grow, but the growth does come with a human toll. So many Oakland bankruptcy attorneys are seeing neighbors, friends and even relatives streaming into their offices to reorganize their finances.

Many of those neighbors, friends and relatives are arriving in the offices without a plan. And they are in shock. Until recently, they were solid, bill paying citizens, never missing a mortgage payment, a credit card payment or the college tuition bill. But then economic disaster struck them like it struck so many. A job was lost, or a medical or repair bill came in unexpectedly, and they faced financial distress.

Often, people think the setback may only be temporary, and it might be, but many people are too optimistic. They think if they do not think about their finances the problem will go away. A new job will be had or some money will come in from someplace. For the lucky few it happens, but for most it is a downward slide to economic ruin.

Many will put off looking for an attorney until they absolutely have to find one, and then it is a panic search. A lot can be done in advance to help a person's cause, if they are just aware of their financial health. The lesson is to treat your financial health like your physical health. Check up on your financial health every so often and get help when you need it. Just like your physical health. You would not put off a visit to the doctor if you were having severe pains, would you?

Finding an attorney is easy.

Finding a good attorney who will listen to your specific requests takes a little more work, but it can be done.

First, ask friends or relatives if they have had to seek help in reorganizing their finances. Often they have had to, and will be able to supply a good attorney name for you.

If your friends or relatives have been lucky or smart during this downturn, then seek out information on the Internet.

Most attorney web sites will have details on services and backgrounds and will help you to narrow your search.

Once you have retained an attorney, be sure to go in with a plan. Yes, a plan. Only you know where you want to be in two, three or even five years. An attorney will be a great advocate for you, but only you can be your own best advocate.

You attorney may advise you to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy. Chapter 7 will have you selling your assets and paying off those you owe. Chapter 13 will have you setting up a repayment schedule with your creditors and keeping some assets.

Or your advice may be to stay outside the courts, get a second job and get on a budget.

The actions you take with your attorney will help you to regain solid financial footing and begin again.

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