Bamboobat Brown

Shades of brown have been diligently used in this saree to make it astounding. The floral and leaf prints have been placed carefully through the saree through rich experience in application of colours and designs. The second half of the saree has leheria printed patterns that are totally captivating. The saree is accompanied by a blouse material that would look wonderful when stitched sleeveless with closed neck on the back and square neck on the front.

The border of the saree is a grayish brown patch that has some interesting mango shaped motifs placed close to one another with a narrow gap between them. The lower half of the saree that flows with grace and feminine poise through the waist is incorporated with thin climber patterns with budding floral designs at their ends. These climbers are of reddish brown shade. However, the upper part of the saree in the front torso to the pallu is fresh imagination with leheria prints that resemble a tigers skin. Owing to the horizontal placement of the prints, the saree is more
perfect on a thin and tall woman. Absence of separate pattern on the pallu is neat and makes the saree cuter. The colours and designs of the saree complement each other and are very much in harmony.

Gold bangles with brown enameled work and brown chokers with brown beads would go well with the saree. Brown studded clutch and brown studded flat slippers would accessorize the saree to its best. Hair could be tied up and subtle makeup would do. The saree is a great choice for birthday parties and other get together especially when you are the host.

The smooth georgette saree is not only good looking but also helps you to move around with ease and confidence. This interesting saree is truly worth the wear.

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