Royal Blue

What to match a royal blue dress with?

I plan to wear a royal blue dress to a formal event with red lips and a neutral pin up look. I don't know what shoes I can wear to pull off the whole look! Please help! And if there are any other suggestions for the makeup, please do tell me! Thank you!

Hey there! I love the pin up girl look, especially the exact kind you're going for. For make up it depends on the shape of your lid if you have an oval cats eye do neutral colors a gold brown, do it smokey let it get a little darker as you blend it up( but not to much) it'll bring out the color in your eyes. Then add some nice(not too thick/thin) eyeliner. I really like the gel eyeliners by Maybelline, and you could get it in Sapphire, now the neat thing about this it's still so dark it won't look weird with the brown eyeshadow. But it'll help pull everything together! With hair, you can always add accessories to the old fashioned rolls like a dark blue/ black rose(I'll add pictures cause it sounds weird lol) For me, I would go with black if you go to google and type in :"pin up girl in royal blue dress" so much comes up! See what they're accessorizing with and how there make-up is and decide what you like about each look and create your very own! I'll put the look I liked in the "what's your source?" section (even though I wish she had a better hair style.) As well as the specific eyeliner I was mentioning. (Which is at Walmart for like $5) Best of luck to you. &some pictures of the final look would be much appreciated :)

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