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A Team as we all know could be a selection of people gathered together to achieve a goal, for example a football team or your favourite basketball team. Accoeding to John C. Maxwell a team is an accroynm for Together Everyone Achieve More, I would like to pay more attention to his definition, Together everybody achieve more,that is there is a common goal, something is motivating them to go further.


However, in the formation of a team the different people would always have different people different understanding about the common goal and would have different characters but the goal of the team is the to achieve more.


Nevertheless, the formation of an mlm team is a coming together of upline and downline to achieve a common goal, it is either to get the cash reward of the mlm or get the health facilities that the mlm is offering or to get the softwares that the mlm is going to give to her members.


The dream of am mlm team is to ensure that every member achieves more, an mlm team could be just be two members-an upline and a downline, two uplines or even a gathering of downlines but the goal is for every member to achieve more.


The formation of an mlm team is to achieve the goal of moving the multi-level marketing network to the her next level either to organise a seminar  to recruit new members or to share ideas on how to achieve more in the network.


Remember, that in an mlm team everybody gains, the facilitator, the team members and most importantly the mlm network. The network because more popular and also with a human face.


So, what are waiting for, you have joined a network marketing and not making any progress, why not form an mlm team and let every member achieve more, and if you have not joined an mlm yet, you are missing out of a world of opportunity, ranging from cash reward, opportunity to meet people of lie passion e.t.c.

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