Team 31

Late Fantasy Baseball Team Check?

The Commissioner of my league is blocking all transactions once playoffs begin the 8th of September... can someone rate my team and give me a hand?

C: Soto (ChC), Pierzynski (CWS)
1B: Berkman (Hou [also an OF] ), Ortiz (Bos)
2B: Roberts (Bal), Uggla (Fla)
3B: Lowell (Bos), Lowrie (Bos[also a SS]), Reynolds (Arz / Ari)
SS: Jeter (NYY)
OF: Ramirez (LAD), Gonzalez (Oak), Bruce (Cin), Ordonez (Det)

SP: Harden (ChC), Volquez (Cin), Vazquez (CWS), Saunders (LAA), Nolasco (FLA), U. Jimenez (Col),
RP: Torres (Mil), Gregg (Fla)

I just picked up Nolasco/Gregg for Sherrill/Chamberlain.
I'm in 6th and in a position to slide up into fifth, but I've performed poorly against the 1-3 teams (31-51-8) and playoffs are one-and-done.

Thanks in advance everyone!
Weekly scoring.
8 teams.
6th place is the last playoff seed
I'm 3 GB of 5th, and beating 5th by 3 points this week(5-2-3).
Thanks again!

It depends on how many teams are in your league and what format you have.

I would look into replacing Lowrie - I know he's been on a hot streak lately, but I think he will platoon with, or get replaced by, Julio Lugo down the stretch. You might look into replacing Jiminez or Nolasco with some surging starters like Braden Looper or Ian Snell. I think Volquez' output will decline because of his innings pitched count being high. I would sell high on him if you can still trade in your league.

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