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So what is laser engraving? It is a computer-controlled process that uses an intense beam of light, at extremely high speeds, to engrave or mark just about any material. Depending upon the material chosen and the type of laser used, this touch-free marking is produced by a reaction with the surface, e.g. by vaporizing a small area of the surface or causing a change in the colour of the surface of the material or fusing ceramic material into metals. The result is outstanding and delivers an exceptional product. Depending on quantities and materials used, products can be delivered at cost effective prices, and quickly.

Uses and applications

Laser engraving is used widely in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. This process is used for products delivered to the defence forces, in mining and in the oil and gas industries as well as in the engineering and aerospace industries to mark part numbers, apply logos and barcodes. Laser marking is very accurate; even circular items, surgical tools and 3D items can be engraved. Designs can be supplied in many formats e.g. JPEG, Adobe- Illustrator, Corel Draw and AutoCAD. For safety and directional signage we apply this method because of its longevity.

Advantages of laser marking

Permanence. Once laser engraved an inscription or logo remains with the product for life. Some materials such as wood, brass and stainless steel simply deserve to be laser engraved for posterity.

Graphics and branding. Trademarks, icons and symbols can easily be marked onto complicated medical and industrial products and promotional items, corporate gifts, awards and decorative items.

Durability. Dirt, humidity and inclement weather do not harm the finish. This marking method is permanent, cannot be altered and is considered maintenance-free.

Quality and resolution. The laser engraved item is clear, crisp, clean and of high precision. Products are really brought to life and in an up-market finish. Fine detail can be engraved, even down to characters as small as 0.1mm.
Sustainability. Laser engraving is a controlled process and generates no waste. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to CNC engraving, chemical etching and screen printing and is often the most suitable engraving or marking method for a given substrate.

Whatever your proposed application, for work or home or play, laser engraving services australia can deliver a unique and precise finish on glass, wood, metals or a vast range of other substratesl. You may need a Glass corporate award , a street sign, labels on plant and equipment or bar codes on packaging, even cattle ear tags. Select laser engraving, it is quick, cost effective and extremely durable.

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