Attack 32

How to get 150k in Runescape?

I really want to get more than a 100k. But I don't know how.
I'm a non-member
Combat level 36
Attack 32
Strenght 28
Defence 30
Ranging 3
Prayer 17
Magic 25
Rune crafting 5
Hp 30
crafting 8
cooking 19
fishing 25
smithing 31
mining 25
firemaking 10
woodcutting 18

I can't become a member
Some way that I don't need to waste money.
Although thanks woody

aww poor little noob.

well, an easy way of getting LOTS of mulah in runescape is by chopping yews.

but you need to train ur woodcutting first to lvl 60.

I know lvl 60 sounds high, but its easy to get to.

good luck

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