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Does your religion follow God? Follow Jesus? Or follow a man with the title of Prophet?

I can think of three religions, led by a man, two use the title "Prophet" and one uses another term which also starts with the same letter.

See this question as a reference:


If your religion has a Prophet, is there just one or are there many as existed in the first century church in Corinth?


Who judges the Prophet or Prophets in your religion?

When you answer, please state what your religion is and if your religion has branches or denominations, which branch or denomination?

The Church of God in Christ seems to have a lot of prophets, bishops and evangelists. I don't know whether they are legitimate or not. The LDS (Mormons) has Joseph Smith and the SDAs have Ellen White (also a false prophet).

My church is Pentecostal. We believe in following Jesus all the way, and we are very careful about prophets since Jesus warned, "in the last days many will come into the world". Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

A good book on the subject that I highly recommend on this subject is: "Thus saith the Lord?" by John Bevere.

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