2013 Xl1

What bat should i get?

I am a 13 yr old contact hitter going on my 1st year on the big field. I am trying to get a new bat and i'm deciding between the 2013 XL1 or the S1. As i get older i want to be able to use this bat against faster pitchers in high school. I am not the biggest kid and don't think that i will ever become one of the biggest kids out there. So basically, i need to know, which bat should i get to fulfill these needs? (Also i'm definitely getting a 32 inch -3 big barrel)

both are great bats, but i would suggest the easton xl1. however, it is more on what you prefer. Some sports stores will allow you to hit practice balls with each bat to see which you like. If there is not a store like that where you are, then just try swinging it around and see which one is more controlable for you. However, I have always been a strong Louisville SLugger guy, take a look at thier vector type bats.

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