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According to an announcement on Monday afternoon, Texas Tech has suspended head football coach Mike Leach after receiver Adam James complained to the school about his ill-treatment after this player got a serious wound in his head. At the moment, the school is investigating coach Leach. Leach was under suspension for his act. The school intends to fire their coach, but the problem is if it does such thing, it will be legally responsible for Leach's salary through 2013.

An amount of $400,000 will be paid for Leach if Texas Tech ends its contract with their coach.

In February, Texas Tech and Mike Leach signed a five-year contract. The school has agreed to pay $12.7 million so that Mike Leach will be the coach of Tech through 2013.

The contract indicates that the Tech agreed to pay Leach an amount of $250,000 bonus if Tech wins the national championship, $75,000 if Leach can help Tech join in a BCS bowl and $50,000 bonus if Leach is voted to be national coach of the year.

At present, Ruffin McNeill was chosen to be temporary coach of Texas Tech. This formerly defensive coordinator will be responsible for guiding the team in the game against Michigan State on Saturday in the Alamo Bowl. When being requested about the investigation after Monday night's practice in San Antonio, Ruffin McNeill refused to answer. At the same time, the media also have no chance to approach team players.

According to McNeill, Mike Leach and him been friend for a long time and he thought it was not time to go into that problem.

According to the interim coach, Leach and the team, including receiver Adam James, have arrived in San Antonio. However, this player, whose has complained about Leach's conduct and caused Leach's suspension, was not practicing with his team.

Currently, Texas Tech University is still investigating exactly what happened between Coach Leach and James to elicit the allegations.

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