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NFL: San Fran deals QB Smith to KC Chiefs! Predictions?

KC Chiefs fans,

Given the NFL's new year does not officially begin until March 12, the unofficial reports leaked are that in exchange for dealing QB Alex Smith to KC, San Fran receives the Chiefs 2nd Round Picks for 2013 (34th Overall) and '14.

Q 1. Will QB Alex Smith's leadership transition easily to KC with the likes of WR Jon Baldwin, WR Dexter McCluster, TE Tony Moeaki, and RB J. Charles?

Q 2. Will current starter Matt Cassel be released/cut/traded?
FYI: essentially this is a new KC Chiefs' head coaching system with Reid being 'the new' coach in town.

Alex Smith is a good QB not a great one however under Andy Ried, Smith has the chance to become great. Reid is excellent when it comes to making QBs better. Smith will help the Chiefs but they won't be a playoff team. Maybe next season
Matt Cassel will be released

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