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How to make the dates change in Excel each month?

I Have a worksheet which has the days of the month in the rows. (01/01/2013, 02/01/2013,.....31/01/2013). I need to use this worksheet every month and I would like that the dates change automatically according to the particular month. ALso, it would be great if I could skip the dates of Saturdays and Sundays. Is this possible?

One last edit, it has occurred to me that you may want to retain several sheets with this calendar. It would do no good to use the TODAY() function as I had originally used because it would change for every sheet every month. The [A2] formula allows you set the month and year in cell [A1] which will be static.
[A1] June 2013

It then bases the first work day of that month on the value in [A1].

[A2] --> = = IF( WEEKDAY( A1) > 5, A1 + MOD( WEEKDAY( A1), 5), DATE( YEAR( A1), MONTH( A1), 1))

[A3] --> =IF( A2="","", IF( IF( WEEKDAY(A2,1)>5, A1 + (9 - WEEKDAY( A2, 1)), A2+1)> EOMONTH( A2,0), "", IF( WEEKDAY( A2,1) > 5, A1 + ( 9 - WEEKDAY( A2, 1)), A2+1)))

Copy [A3] down to row 24.

You can see an example here.


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