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Indian retail industry has been one of the most attractive destinations for market leaders across the world. Both international and domestic retail giants are undertaking huge expansion plans across the country. The increasing demands of a growing middle class have resulted in the need for more organised, big-size retail outlets. By the end of 2011, India is expected to have an addition of around 3,200 supermarkets, 280 hypermarkets, 400 department stores and around 20,000 exclusive brand outlets. This would generate another 10-15 million jobs in retail and support services by 2012.
Retail Career

An entry level course in retail can get the student a job as a Customer Service Associate. The Customer Service Associate handles tasks such as interacting with customers, guiding them through the buying process, understanding buying trends and meeting/exceeding sales targets. After a couple of years of work experience the entry-level course can be followed up with a supervisory qualification that enables him/her to get promoted as a floor supervisor or department manager. If the candidate is competent in his/her field he can reach the level of Store Manager and/or Area Manager in a span of 3-4 years, after completing a managerial course. The average salary of an area manager comes in a range of Rs 12-20 lakhs per annum depending on the company and job responsibilities.
To get into the retail sector, the minimum that you need is a 12th / degree certificate. But to ensure performance in the initial years and subsequent career growth, it is extremely important to take up an additional industry recognized certificate course which provides in-depth training and thus ensures job security as well as career growth.
Retail Skills Course

In this scenario, even though a regular college education is still considered important for getting a job most courses fails to impart the adequate communication and practical skills that are essential to succeed in the student’s chosen career. Vocational skills courses undertaken by educational bodies like IndiaSkills help bridge this gap.
The “Level 1 certificate in Retail Skills” is a fast track course consisting of Retail industry specific modules as well as English & personal effectiveness. The classes taken by experienced trainers give special emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills, which are crucial for career success in the retail field. The retail course offered at IndiaSkills focuses on both analytical/store management skills and soft skills, thus enabling the student with adequate practical knowledge. IndiaSkills courses have been developed with strong industry inputs and give the comfort of choosing from among flexible course options (of 1-3 months) such as short-term, full-length, part-time and multiple level courses for managerial growth.
Employment opportunities

The retail sector accounts for about 8% of employment in the country. Career opportunities are available in areas such as store management, stock/merchandise management, warehousing, operations, retail design and product development. The main demand is for front end, customer-facing operators like sales executives and shop floor executives. 
A survey conducted by Retailer Association of India estimates that 2 million people will be required for the industry in the next 2 years. IndiaSkills has an industry partnership with more than 20 leading companies like Reliance Retail, Café Coffee Day, Madura Garments and Shoppers Stop. Through excellent placement assistance, IndiaSkills has maintained 100% placement of its retail students.
Vocational skills courses are not just for fresher students; those who are currently working in retail can also study to improve their performance with supervisory and managerial qualifications to gain promotions. IndiaSkills also provides training in growing sectors such as hospitality, BFSI, security, hair & beauty, as well as spoken English.   

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