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Are Canadians the reason why NHL has less ratings than NFL,NBA,MLB?

NFL - No Canadian Team
MLB- One Canadian team
NBA - One Canadian Team
NHL - 7 NHL teams


P.S - haha all the Canadians will say "ohhh all nhl players are Canadians" yeah we pay them to play like little B***hs for us

Aside from the flawed logic and numerous factual errors...

NHL US television ratings are actually growing and have grown every year since the lockout.

Not all NHLers are Canadian, but a majority of NHLers (just over 52%) are Canadian. Americans make up the second largest contingent of NHLers.

Teams find the best talent possible regardless of what colour their passport is.

I'll point out that, last year, the six Canadian clubs contributed a disproporitionately large amount of league revenue (6 clubs brought in 35% of revenue, when 20% contribution would have been "par" (20% of NHL teams were based in Canada last year- this year that number goes up to 23.33% with Winnipeg in place).

The NFL keeps trying to make inroads here...the Bills have their Canadian Series of games (one regular season home game every year is played at Rogers Centre), and roughly 15-20% of Bills season-ticket holders are Canadian (the traffic on the QEW heading over the border on home games bears this out).

Have a super day, champ.

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