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Who is your favorite team Pro & college and why?

Thanks ahead of time. Get back to selecting the best answer as soon as I can.
Sorry Kool Aid but I don't come here on the internet trying to find respect from people I don't know and that I will never know. The majority of the the people I have blocked have me blocked as well. Why should I allow people to come on to my questions with their smart remarks.They can do that on someone else's questions.

I'm a Steelers fan, a Pirates fan (shameful I know but your a browns fans so you know my pain), Pitt, and Penn state. I was born in the Pittsburgh area and moved back there after my enlistment. I spent some time in Ohio during high school/college. I do enjoy watching Lebron James play as he lived down the street from me and played against my step brother in the State championship. I was so happy when he went to Miami!

I'm becoming more and more of a fan of the Big Ten football conference. I really think they are the only conference that can give the SEC a run for it's money (no pun intended).

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